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Strain of the Week: Golden Goat




When you think about it, goats are really strange creatures. Baby goats can be adorable, especially when they have endless energy and the desire to jump on literally everything in sight, but when they grow up they become . . . weird. Sometimes they scream like humans. They do a lot of weird things with their tongue too. As odd as they are, goats are also great too. They’re excellent at removing weeds and have incredible balance when it comes to climbing things. A strain that begins with the word “golden” usually describes something high-end, high quality and unique. Follow up that strain with “goat” and you’ve got some confused customers. Nonetheless, Golden Goat is a quirky strain that actually offers a lot to consumers despite its silly name.

Golden Goat is a hybrid in many ways. It’s parents, as they legend goes, were an accidental cross between Hawaiian-Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk according to Leafly. Hawaiian-Romulan is an indica-dominant strain that brings heavy spice and citrus notes to medical patients. It often creates strong mental effects that bring on much needed relaxation. Island Sweet Skunk also compliments Hawaiian-Romulan’s scents with grapefruit and Meyer lemons, and is great for boosting mood and decreasing pain. So somehow, Golden Goat was born, and it’s actually pretty great.

Golden Goat is the best of both worlds. Similarly to the play on its name, it is both sweet and spicy in scent and flavor. It’s equally split in appearance as well, balancing both a dense forest of green leaves with light golden hairs flying out every which way. CULTURE reviewers described this strain as “a master course” in how quality strains should appear. Of course, a single whiff of this strain will instantly remind consumers of tropical fruit and a slight nutty finish, that apparently is akin to “a goat party on a beach with piña coladas everywhere” (reviewers were more than likely under the influence at that point).

Consumers will actually find an incredible mood elevator in this strain, which allows them to wash away their daily stress or help treat depression but also add a small boost of energy as well. The THC levels in this strain are fairly high, so it’s one of those strains that comes with a warning label for newcomers. Reviewers recommend that you graze before going “whole hog” on this strain.