Available at Briargate Wellness Center in Colorado Springs.


ven in the futuristic universe of Star Trek, prohibition is still a thing. While the ficticious “Romulan ale” might be banned hundreds of years in the future, Romulan the strain is very real (and totally legal) here in 2015. Teleported into our vape courtesy of Briargate Wellness Center in Colorado Springs, this 80/20 indica-dominant strain is given a minimum of one month in their own stasis chambers to cure. It’s worth it. Big notes of incense and spice give way to a slight citrus underneath that is much more pronounced in the smoke. Getting a nug in your tractor beam, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of the hairs, much like the wild eyebrows of the Romulan race the strain draws its name from. While the body effect may feel like there’s been extra gravity turned on, the strong mental effect is more reminiscent of a Vulcan mind meld. Be prepared to catch up with Kirk or Picard, as it’s the perfect strain for a little sci-fi and shaking off any nagging aches or death grips you’ve been dealing with. 

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