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Concentrate of the Week: Jetty CBD




Every week we revisit old-but-classic concentrates and strains that put the cannabis industry on the map, so to speak. A concentrate’s potent varieties and unique flavor profiles allow cannabis publications like CULTURE to spotlight how different cannabis products are from each other. Products like Jetty Extracts for instance are a shining example of the existing variety. Specifically, our reviewers got a hold of three Jetty CBD vape pens that are bound to turn some heads.

We received three samples of Jetty Extracts’ Full Spectrum CBD vape pens in the form of Granddaddy PurpsAC/DC and Clementine Kush (although there are an additional three flavors in the form of Chai Spice, Lemongrass Ginger and Vanilla Chamomile). Each pen is already charged up and boasts up to 200 puffs in its lifetime, which contains “over 350mg total cannabinoids.”

Each dose contains CBD as well as CBG, CBNf and CBC. As most seasoned veterans know, cannabinoids offer a multitude of benefits. CBG is well-known for its ability to help those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and glaucoma, and has been used to help inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Studies on CBN have shown that it can help insomnia patients, as well as fight infections and offers chronic pain relief too. CBC has powerful antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that has a variety of uses as well. Combined, these pens become a valuable medicine for patients who suffer from a variety of ailments.

When it comes to the flavors of these pens, there’s a lot to unpack! Granddaddy Purps is on the sweeter scale, offering the taste of berries or grapes, while Clementine Kush, as the name suggests, is fully inspired by citrus elements. It contains a mixture of both orange or lemon, with a hint of pine as well. Finally, AC/DC takes a different route with flavors of earth and wood. Each one has a unique flavor profile, so there are plenty of options when choosing which one is right for you.