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Strain of the Week: Nepalese Kush



The south Asian country of Nepal is well-known for many things. Geographically, it lies very close to the Himalayan mountains—which contains eight of the 10 highest mountain peaks in the world. It’s a popular destination both for mountain climbers, as well as skydiving, the famous “day of dogs” and open air cremation, among many other interesting customs. In the 1960s, western travelers made their way to Nepal to enjoy the country’s then-stable cannabis economy (which then drove up demand of hashish). Leaders of Nepal eventually shut down cannabis businesses in 1973, but cannabis still thrived nonetheless. That being said, strains like Nepalese Kush are wild and heavy-hitting, but absolutely worth trying out.

This rare strain, also referred to simply as Nepal or Nepali, has been around the block—it’s exact parentage is unknown. But with all good landrace strains, a bit of mystery adds to the experience. However, it can be assumed that the “Kush” portion of this strain’s name stems from a cross with a Kush strain of some sort.

The strain’s exterior is littered with orange hairs and frosty green leaves. What’s most interesting is the dark shadows that appear because of the bud’s crazy wild growth—which likely emulates the same wild beauty of Nepal’s landscape. The strain’s flavor profile is quite unique compared to more common strains too. It has sort of a cheesy, savory flavor, with the smell of fresh herbs.

CULTURE reviewers noted that the smoke starts sweet at the back of the tongue and then shifts to a nice, rounded grassy-bitter taste in the mouth. It might make consumers thoughtful and productive, but also eventually sleepy. It also creates a light-headed effect, with buzzing or vibration felt throughout the body. This strain brings a clear, mental heady effect.

Nepalese Kush is a hard-hitting strain, though, so make sure you have a glass of water ready for after-smoke dry mouth.

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