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Dorothy “Dot” Colagiovanni

Name:  Dorothy “Dot” Colagiovanni Occupation: Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Development, Next Frontier Biosciences Tell us about your professional background. I am a scientist with a PhD in toxicology. I have over two decades of experience working in the biotech industry

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Profiles in Courage
Profile in Courage

  Patient Name: Robert Pearce Age: 35 Condition/Illness: Bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression and substance abuse

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Experience the Metal Legacy of Doomstress

Metal, specifically doom metal, has always gone hand-in-hand with female power. One of the very first doom bands, Coven, kicked ass with a woman vocalist back in 1969. Now in 2018, one of the bands taking the doom scene by storm has a trans woman vocalist who is blowing her male peers out of the water. In addition to being a pioneering vocalist, who goes by the name of Doomstress Alexis, and her peers are all avid metal fans. CULTURE sat down

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  • Poetically Pop

    What if your favorite character from a Lisa Frank folder were to come to life, rip her jeans, put on some Converse shoes, pick up a guitar and

  • Bug-Z Is Destined for Greatness

      For Bug-Z, cannabis is a healing plant, an alternative to negativity and crime and something that needs to be shared with the masses.

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