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Strain of the Week: Enoch



Many plants of the world have been around for hundreds and even thousands of years. Some historical texts exhibit the first written records of plants, such as cannabis and other medicinal herbs, being experimented with by humanity’s earliest researchers. Other texts are ancient and sometimes religious in nature, but sometimes contain hints that cannabis and/or hemp could have possibly been in use around a specific time period. In terms of specific religious texts, the Book of Enoch features Enoch, who is the great-grandfather of Noah (you know, the one in the story about the flood and the Ark). The Book of Enoch has a brief mention of a sacred plant, which many think could be a reference to cannabis consumption. Although we’ll never really know the truth of whether or not the aforementioned “plant” is in fact cannabis, we can definitely assume that in today’s age, cannabis is pretty sacred.

Someone in Los Angeles, California named a strain Enoch after this unique historical blip. At the time, CULTURE reviewers referred to Enoch as a proprietary strain. Described as ultra-dank and exuding a remarkable sour lime aroma, this lime-green strain pervades the room when ground up. Not to mention that from the bulbous bud saturated with deep red hairs and abundant crystal trichomes, its high quality is evident.

Aside from an underlying basil-like flavor, Enoch creates a smooth, even burn when consumed. Its effects are strong and move evenly upward into the cranium—some report that it may help clear up their sinuses (just in time for cold season as we move from winter to spring). Ultimately, the strain evolves into a body heaviness that sits behind the eyes and brings on total relaxation.

This strain is potent, and you might want to have your favorite pet or fuzzy warm blanket nearby to hold while you share in this mystical experience, inspired by the story of Enoch.

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