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Strain of the Week: Super Hazy Train



Now that we’re in the first week of December, holiday celebrations are in full swing. Many are whole-heartedly embracing the decorations, atmosphere and feelings of this time of year, especially with COVID-19 bringing many traditions to a halt. Safer activities such as cooking at home and watching wholesome films are more popular than ever. This week, inspired by the classic holiday film The Polar Express (2004), we’re taking a closer look at Super Hazy Train—a strain that will lift you up without bogging you down.

Just like in The Polar Express, Super Hazy Train is the adult’s version of celebrating something to believe in. You may not be able to see the effects it provides right away, but what you can see is a beautiful bud arrangement of festive green leaves and dark, reddish-orange pistils. Of course, it’s also covered with a light snowfall-like exterior of frosty trichomes too. Its scent is reminiscent of the pine and earth smell of a holiday tree, but with a slight hint of yeast—like freshly baked holiday bread.

This sativa-dominant hybrid contains a strong genetic background that goes back many generations (it’s relations are most obvious in other strains that share the name “haze” or “trainwreck”). Upon inhalation with a water pipe, CULTURE reviewers found the flavor to be pleasant and delicate, with a slight sweetness that was not present in the aroma. The effects are gentle, pleasurable, blissful and elevating—which are paired wonderfully with the feelings of the season! As with all reliable sativa strains, Super Hazy Train is giggly, energetic and conducive to creativity—much like the goofy but heartwarming adventures of that kid from The Polar Express. As the movie’s conductor (voiced by Tom Hanks) says in the film “One thing about trains: It doesn’t matter where they’re goin’. What matters is deciding to get on.”

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