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Strain of the Week: Moon Puppies



Only those who have a strong dislike for dogs can deny the cute images of whatever a “moon puppy” conjures in our mind. The closest we got to a definition of this was through an entry on Urban Dictionary, which likened a “moon pup” to a small, black cat or dog-like creature that roams the moon at night. If anything can be said about this term becoming the title for a cannabis strain it’s that there is plenty of mystery and cuteness.

Moon Puppies is a unique looking specimen compared to the variety of other strains that come through the CULTURE office. While other strains are often covered in all-green or all-orange colors, Moon Puppies has a bold variety of both. A near-equal balance of light and dark green leaves dance playfully amidst long, dark rust-colored pistils—and of course, it’s all covered in shiny, sticky trichomes. CULTURE reviewers likened the appearance to memories of Beaker from The Muppets.

This little pup is actually born from a cross between Chem Dawg and Lemon Skunk, which lends two beautiful flavor profiles. Moon Puppies has a pleasant green-citrus smell, and the smoke is quite spicy. Reviewers also found that this active little bud offers a massive boost to your energy reserves. One dose of this and you’re likely to be found dancing around the house or talking like there’s no tomorrow. That, and it may mellow you out halfway through the day with a nice, warm relaxing feeling behind your eyes and throughout your head. It was also reported to bring out the more outgoing self, throwing inhibitions to the wind and.

It isn’t advised to spend time with a gaggle of family members this Thanksgiving due to COVID-19 concerns, but now is the perfect time to stay home and cuddle with Moon Puppies instead.

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