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Strain of the Week: Gifted OG



This week, everyone is gearing up for Thanksgiving—and by gearing up, we mean people are sighing in relief that they finally have a valid excuse to skip a family gathering. No unwarranted talk about election stances, jokes about not having kids or being married, and certainly no scoffing at cannabis consumption. This year was far from spectacular, but in this one instance, it’s a gift. This week’s Strain of the Week is a feature on Gifted OG, the perfect stay-at-home accompaniment for upcoming holiday festivities.

CULTURE reviewers really played with this “gift” pun, stating that it’s probably one of the best gifts they’ve received in a long time. The lineage of Gifted OG is unknown, but there are certain telltale signs of its origin. The orange-haired and dense nug resembles a classic OG Kush strain. OG Kush strains are commonly praised for their ability to produce cerebral body effects, and tend to exude a lemony, kushy aroma. Gifted OG hasn’t inherited the lemon scents, but it does smell of kush, earthy pine and a slight hint of black pepper—one whiff of this and you’ll be enveloped by images of a tranquil terpene forest.

Gifted OG has plenty of potency to go around, with a slowly creeping body effect that relaxes muscles and brings on feelings of peace amidst this chaotic world. However, reviewers reported a surprise in their consumption adventures—Gifted OG had a little sativa-esque kick that allowed them to get up and move around. That kind of motivation is most welcome, as it’s necessary to get a little bit of exercise while celebrating the holidays social-distance style—especially if you’re going to be couchlocked over the long weekend because you were lucky enough to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X or S earlier this m

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