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Gifted OG




Available at Harborside Express in Bakersfield.

Gifted OG might actually be the best gift we’ve received in a long time. Our sample of this amazing gift was from Harborside Express in Southwest Bakersfield. Although the lineage of Gifted OG is unknown, the orange haired and dense nug resembles a classic OG Kush strain. The smell was earthy on two notes—both woody pine and a lighter black pepper spice. While the pine scent was heavy, the taste was smooth with hints of that wonderful terpene forest. The cultivators of this strain did a fantastic job, and the potency and duration of the effects from Gifted were extremely strong. When smoked in a glass water pipe or rolled into a joint, we experienced some sativa energy, with motivation to get up move, while also feeling the body effects of the OG creep in, relaxing all of our muscles and relieving our chronic pain. For seasoned patients, three or four inhales might be just right, but for newbies, we suggest only a couple inhales to start.

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