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OG Kush




Available at The Coughy Shop in Bakersfield.

OG Kush may be plain old vanilla to some, but like vanilla ice cream is the most popular ice cream flavor, OG Kush is arguably the most popular cannabis strain—existing as both a pure strain and as crossed with more strains then found in a Marc Emery seed catalog. There are several stories as to its origin but except for black-belt cannabis aficionados, who really cares. What everyone cares about is the incredible cerebral and body effects OG Kush has on humans and this batch of OG Kush at The Coughy Shop in Bakersfield is no shrieking violet when it comes to classic OG Kush potency. Skilled trimming makes for good looking nugs that are firm, heavy and exude potency. Bright lemon kushy aroma and taste is a delight as its legendary ability to produce euphoria and mitigate stress underscores it continued position as numero uno.

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