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T.I. Partners with Cannabis Company



Rappers and musical celebrities are no strangers to the legal cannabis market, and now T.I. is the latest in the hip-hop world to enter into the industry.

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, is now an investor in Harvest Connect, a company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Although Harris has been working behind the scenes with the company for a while as an early investor, his involvement only went public on December 10. “After hearing about Kevin’s vision for Harvest Connect…and their desire to focus on Georgians and underserved communities, I knew I wanted to be involved,” Harris said. “I believe my team and I can knock down certain barriers, helping further their vision. We’re excited to be a part of the team.” Harris joins Harvest Connect via his own company, King of Da South.

Harvest Connect purchases CBD wholesale and is aiming to obtain a license for hemp and medical cannabis cultivation. The company is currently working to raise $4 million in investments and $2.5 million in funding in order to get off the ground.

Harris’ plan is to sell his own CBD products in the store once it is up and running. He met the company’s CEO, Kevin Quirk, through a mutual friend and decided it was a worthy company to get involved with.

In addition to working behind the scenes as an investor, Harris is also providing services as a business magnate, as he feels he can help the business reach underserved communities. Quirk appreciates this, as he feels the current healthcare system is broken, and wants to help reach people in pain and people with PTSD gain access to medicine. Harris’ clout within the Black community in Georgia will also help reach those most impacted by the War on Drugs.

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