Golden Goat


Available at Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge. 

Sorry, kittens, but little baby goat videos have taken over as the best thing on YouTube—we’ll fight you IRL if you disagree. If you’re looking to hop with happiness, like a baby goat, try checking out Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge, purveyors of one of the best Golden Goat cuts in the Front Range. Fuzzy, with light golden hairs flying every which way and a light green undercarriage, it’s a master course in how this strain should look. With a tropical fruit nose and a slightly nutty finish, it’s almost like a goat party on a beach with piña coladas everywhere. High end THC percentages mean you’ll feel a lot of elation initially. This is expert level Golden Goat, so we highly recommend grazing before going whole hog.

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