Island Sweet Skunk

If Pepé Le Pew symbolized the French as an amorous, if sometimes creepy, bunch of smokers, the Island Sweet Skunk would be his much-cooler cousin from Hawaii, puffing a little and letting the ladies come to him. Known commonly as I.S.S., it’s one of the most distinctive strains out there, and the pheno we picked up at Colorado Wellness Center in Denver is no exception. Generally lighter in the leaf and longer on the stem, the color scheme of this strain consists of an almost lime green hue against peach colored hairs that dominate the nooks and crannies. Like other crops grown on the big island, big whiffs of grapefruit and Meyer lemons mask the skunky undertones perfectly, like a fine perfume. One of the most sativa-dominant punches out there, this 90-percent zinger will definitely get you out of the hammock and onto the beach. Try this mood elevator when pain isn’t as big an issue as pleasure, but some reviewers found that the pleasant distraction was more than enough to get them through the day.

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