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Rapper Jim Jones Partners with Saucey Farms




In an interview with Yahoo Finance, rapper Jim Jones announced that he is partnering up with jeweler Alex Todd to launch Saucey Farms and Extracts. He’s the latest musician—among many—to endorse his own cannabis line.

The product line includes cartridges with CBD or THC, as well as raw flower products. Using full-spectrum oil, developers at Saucey Farms are able to keep all of the terpenes intact. It helps consumers achieve the “Entourage Effect.” The strains are grown in California and Oregon.

Saucey Farms and Extracts was founded by Todd, who quickly recruited the rapper. Todd designed jewelry pieces for celebrities like Jay-Z, who also entered the cannabis industry recently.

The partnership is a match made in heaven. “I met Alex through mutual friends,” Jones told Yahoo Finance. “He was actually one of the first people to bring a business endeavor like that to me and it made all the sense in the world. I appreciate it. He’s a dope guy. To learn the benefits of not just the money, but there are a lot of medical benefits when it comes to the marijuana field and there’s a lot of things that Todd has given back to the community, so it’s a great business.

Eight of the strains debuted at the Hall of Flowers expo in Santa Rosa during the last 420 holiday, giving fans a preview of what to expect. “The way people look at cannabis culture is changing—there’s a lot of medical and creative benefits to these plants—so there’s an opportunity for us to do something special with Saucey Extracts and change the game,” Jones said at the time.

Some of the flower strains include Mimosa, Banana OG, Saucey Mac 1, Watermelon ZkittleZ, Triple F’n OG, Purple Punch, Saucey Cake and more, available as indicas, sativas or hybrids. Cartridges come in similar flavors. The Saucey Farms brand also offers clothing and other non-cannabis gear. Stay tuned for more details on this classy line of vape pens and flower.