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Strain of the Week: All-Star Jack Frost




The fictional character know as Jack Frost has long been present in Earth’s history. He’s the personification of winter, including the arrival of cold weather and leaving frost on the outside of windows. 19th-century literature portrays him as either an elemental sprite, or a mischievous creature. He’s the frost spirit that’s “nipping at your nose” on a cold winter’s day, but has also appeared as a United States major-general during the Civil War. More recently in film he has been featured in numerous holiday films such as Jack Frost (1979), Jack Frost (1998), Rise of the Guardians (2012) and some believe that Frozen (2013)/Frozen II (2019) take inspiration from the classic Jack Frost tales as well. But in the cannabis world, frost usually denotes an abundance of trichomes, as seen on strains like All-Star Jack Frost.

Whether you’re thinking of a holiday gift for a friend, or trying to find a reliable strain to help you settled into the holiday spirit, All-Star Jack Frost is the way to go. With phenotype relations to Jack HererWhite WidowNorthern Lights and Rainbow Kashmiri, this strain contains a flurry of effects and potency. As a result, All-Star Jack Frost is a hybrid flower that is heavily sought after.

It isn’t just the trichomes that make medical patients and recreational consumers go wild though. CULTURE’s sample of All-Star Jack Frost contained an amazing flavor of luscious, candy-sweet aroma contained within the bud’s beautifully dried and cured exterior. Reminiscent of the flavors of the season, this strain is the perfect way to spice things up. Described as world-class, consumers will get the most out of this strain when using it in a vape or bowl. It’s hybrid nature provides extra energy but also mental sedation, allowing them to stay active in a relaxed setting, all without any risk of overeating due to intense munchies.