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Concentrate of the Week: White Widow CO2 Extract




Out of the world’s most famous cannabis strains, White Widow is among the most popular. It’s name invokes mystery, and leaving consumers wondering who decided to use such a name. Could it have been a twist on the black widow spider? Or was it a nod to a blushing bride’s white wedding dress, despite the fact that she has been widowed? Whatever the story may be, White Widow CO2 Extract is potent, and often a go-to product to help treat a variety of medical conditions.

The White Widow strain is hailed as a hybrid from the Netherlands that was crossed between a Brazilian sativa and a dense indica from South India. Neither of these strains have been named, so their identity will always remain a secret—but just like with White Widow, there’s nothing wrong with a little mystery. The result of this cross created a balanced hybrid that is highly sought after.

This particular sample of White Widow CO2 Extract was lab-tested three times to check its potency levels, which all confirmed that this particular product is very high in THC. The extract is pure, consistent and very high quality, which is the result of fractional distillation. This method of extraction removes most of the plant material while also retaining the inherent cannabinoids. Plus, it’s solvent-free!

A single dose of this product reveals very little terpenes and a faint CO2 hash scent. Many patients are using White Widow CO2 Extract to treat serious medical conditions such as cancer pain,  nausea and migraines. This allows patients to gain the benefit of helpful treatment without the need to consume smoke and carcinogens of raw flowers. Although we may never know why this product and its strain namesake is called White Widow, we do know that many people, both medical and recreational patients, have found relief.