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Concentrate of the Week: Death Star




In 10 days, Star Wars fans will embark on the final episode of the newest Star Wars films. Critic’s reviews aren’t in just yet, but there’s a lot of new hope in our universe that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will fulfill a satisfying conclusion to the storyline. But in order to fully appreciate these films, it’s important to remind yourself of its roots. The first Star Wars film released in 1977 and a lot has changed in the film’s franchise over the past 30 years. But some things never change—such as the Empire’s desire for domination of the universe (a theme that’s entirely prevalent in the upcoming movie)—and the Death Star is one of the most iconic settings in Star Wars history. Add some cannabis to the mix and you’re reminded how much Star Wars has influenced life as we know it.

There’s a reason that in Star Wars, the Death Star was so heavily protected. A name like Death Star boasts ultimate power—it means strength beyond measure. A cannabis-strain-made-concentrate is likely to mimic that same strength and ferocity in a very potent package. This prominent indica product is said to stem from the genetic pools of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, both of which produce very strong aromas. While there isn’t any smell in space, gravity brings the scents of sweet, skunk and jet fuel directly to you.

Death Star is all about the buzz, which is an effect that is produced very quickly after consumption. Once the effects have crept down the back of your head and throughout the body, then the consumer can truly begin to explore an entire galaxy of potential. Because Death Star usual induces typical couchlock feelings, reviewers phrased this experience as “battling the galaxy from a throne fit for an emperor.” It’s time to reward yourself with relief, relaxation and perhaps a movie that encourages your mind to escape to a galaxy far, far away.