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Jerry Garcia Estate Launches Cannabis Line




Holistic Industries and the Jerry Garcia family announced in a news release that they will introduce the Jerry Garcia Cannabis Collection in 2020 to honor the legendary singer and songwriter. 

The announcement was first made by Trixie, Garcia’s daughter on Dec. 14 at the Home for the Holidays: Celebrating Jerry Garcia tribute concert at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, New York.

“After an extensive search for the right partner to create this cannabis brand, we chose Holistic Industries because as true fans, we knew they would honor Jerry’s legacy,” stated Trixie, “Their values are rooted in a family business and they have a track record operating and creating cannabis brands across the country. We can’t wait to share the Jerry Garcia cannabis collection with the fans next year.”

As a member of the Grateful Dead, Garcia performed at Woodstock Music & Arts Festival alongside Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and many other performers.

The line will consist of cannabis products and accessories. While details are limited, one can look at Garcia’s fellow bandmates to get a glimpse of the products he might sell. Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart also recently announced the launch of his own “Mind Your Head” line, which includes 1/3-gram pre-rolls that are sold at select dispensaries throughout Northern California.

The Garcia estate released a photo of the artist holding a lit pre-roll. “Introducing a whole new way to experience Garcia,” the estate tweeted. “Like his music and art, Jerry’s signature cannabis collection will be spontaneous, revelatory, healing, and anything but ordinary. We can’t wait to share this experience with fans next year. Launching Summer 2020!”

Generations of Grateful Dead fans have made claims about obtaining major strains such as Chem Dog from Grateful Dead concerts. Now, Garcia’s family can finally sell cannabis legally in states that allow it.