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Jack Herer by Jetfuel Cannabis




Ask any experienced cannabis smokers about the quality of the Jack Herer strain and nearly everyone will tell you the same thing—it’s one of the best varieties of cannabis available. This particular offering by Jetfuel Cannabis available at Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose showcases some of the best visual qualities the Jack Herer strain can offer. Its large bristle-like orange hairs burst through a multi-shaded green canopy of flower drenched in a storm of crystal clear trichomes. The aroma that emanates off of this bud is so unbelievably fresh and piquant, it completely renders all other strains scents as inferior. This is thanks to the fact that 1.9 percent of this strain’s content is terpenes, an unusually high amount for dried flowers. This strain is one that can be consumed at any time of the day as the cerebral effects are definitely noticeable but not too overpowering. Be mindful, however, as the Jack Herer strain is notorious for having its effects creep up out of nowhere. Grab yourself some of this flower it at Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose before it’s too late.

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