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Concentrate of the Week: Bubster Shatter




When it comes to cannabis, we like to glean what we can from a product’s name in order to better understand its journey, its history and who created it. Usually those names are easily dissected, but often enough there are some that remain mysterious. Bubster Shatter is one of those products. We scoured the internet for information about what a “bubster” is, and found that it’s a strange term to describe a “stylish baby or child” or also a boyfriend/girlfriend who is “perfect in every way,” according to Urban Dictionary. These definitions hardly do Bubster Shatter justice, but in the end it’s a concentrate that contains a wealth of benefits for medical and recreational consumers alike.

Luckily, some of CULTURE’s product samples have very detailed descriptions about parentage, and Bubster Shatter in strain form is an interesting subject—thanks to Super Silver Haze and Bubba Kush. Super Silver Haze stems from a hybrid family that includes famous buds such as Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze. As a result of careful crossbreeding, this hybrid is known for its sativa-dominant abilities to increase mood and energy. Bubba Kush is well-known in the minds of consumers across the globe as well, offering potent indica properties that assist with sleep and often provide ultra-relaxation.

Bubster Shatter was transformed into a beautiful deep amber-colored sativa-dominant shatter. At room temperature the shatter is viscous and brittle, which is what everyone truly looks for in a reliable, well made shatter. It didn’t have much of an aroma but once consumed, it began to provide great neurological support (without the munchies). Medical patients value Bubster Shatter for its high-THC content, and often rely on it to help treat a myriad of medical conditions. Although CULTURE reviewers couldn’t quite put their fingers on where the name “Bubster” really came into play, Bubster Shatter proved itself to be a delicious and worthwhile concentrate to try.