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Strain of the Week: Space Oddity




Toward the end of 2019, news broke that samples of hemp would be sent up into space in the coming year. Well 2020 is in full force, and that reality is a mere few months away. The samples will be sent to the International Space Station sometime in March, where they will be sealed for 30 days before returning to Earth. Researchers are hoping to get more information about how hemp and coffee cell cultures are affected by microgravity. Regardless of the outcome, it’s exciting to see hemp included in such an interesting and monumental study. Whether you’re a fan of space (thanks to people like Carl Sagan), a fan of David Bowie or you’re seeking a space-like experience through cannabis, this is certainly the time to do it.

The Strain of the Week this week is Space Oddity, a truly out-of-this-world bud that’s always useful to have in your stash. CULTURE reviewers mentioned that this strain was a custom bred specimen that came from Star Trek Haze and Pink Cookies. Fortunately, our strain sample came with a lengthy list of notes about Space Oddity’s parent strains and heritage notes, allowing reviewers to have access to a wealth of knowledge about its background. Turns out that Star Trek Haze is classic cross between an indica Romulan and elemental sativa Haze, while Pink Cookies comes from two interesting hybrids—Candyland and Girl Scout Cookies.

This sample of Sample Oddity smelled of light floral tones mixed with earth and grape scents. This floral and fruity delight is enticing, with enough power to make you feel like you’re lifting off of the ground. Ultimately, Space Oddity’s potency is not to be taken lightly—its complex aroma is pleasing and to smell as well as taste. Not to mention that some medical patients utilize its strength to help bring on sleepiness or manage pain.