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Strain of the Week: The Sauce




Food doesn’t quite reach that elevated level of “wow” without a sauce. From marinade to prepared toppings, some sort of sauce is necessary. It goes without saying that sauce is the spice of life, full of a variety of flavors that have been given time to develop and mix together, creating moist and delectable savory dishes. For example, think of pasta or pizza without sauce. It simply doesn’t work. But with the sauce, you have an impressive depth of flavor in your meal. In cannabis, sauce doesn’t really have a place. Cannabis buds are usually sticky and fresh, but a sauce isn’t a main component. Figuratively, a strain called The Sauce expresses a depth of flavor and quality that is desired by almost all cannabis consumers.

The Sauce is said to be a cross with a Gorilla Glue #4 and Green Ribbon. Gorilla Glue #4 is widely known in the industry as a potent, earthy hybrid strain. It usually creates an immediate and intense head and body effect, which CULTURE reviewers believed to be bordering on the psychedelic. Green Ribbon, aside from its obvious twist on an award-winning “blue ribbon,” smells of fresh dirt and wildflowers. It is often used as both a daytime or nighttime strain—perfect for any use, with the added benefit of increased focus.

And thus The Sauce was born. Leaning heavily on the sativa-dominant side of the spectrum, The Sauce is a big, dense, thick and light-green bud with dabs of purple, rust-colored pistils and a healthy coat of resin. Its parent strain, Green Ribbon, helps mute the sometimes overpowering diesel flavors and allows The Sauce to taste especially sweet. When ground up, it actually smells sweet with a slight bit of lime-like acidity. Overall, the strain is light and sweet, rather than sharp or biting, and it offers a sweet, floral, medium-bodied and potent smoking experience.