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Bubster Shatter





Available at various collectives throughout California.

The newfound RVR distributors are sending this high-THC shatter extract to the far-flung reaches of the Golden State. Bubster Shatter from Emerald Family Farms starts with flower from Dragon and Matches, who grew sativa-dominant hybrid of Super Silver Haze and Bubba Kush both outdoors, 100 percent organic, salmon-safe, and herbicide and pesticide-free. The resulting extract is 0 ppm, with a really solid, deep, gold color and very brittle viscosity at room temperature—a true shatter. The extract had little aroma and the hyper-potent vapor was munchie-free and great for neurological support. Patients are vaping high-THC hybrids for tons of ailments—particularly chronic pain, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic stress, and more rarely, glioblastoma, Hepatitis C and hypertension.

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