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Strain of the Week: Zen OG




If the difficulty of sticking to your New Year’s resolution has got you down, then maybe an alteration to some of your goals is in order. It’s stressful to witness other people losing weight and going to the gym, or quickly achieving their objectives with ease. Don’t let it get you down though—remember that the start of the new year is just another day. If you seek to better yourself or productivity, or something to just lift your spirits, then meditation might be for you. Calm your thoughts, find a quiet space and experience relaxation with Zen OG. Zen is thought of as a state of mind that sharpens focus and incorporates a togetherness of body and mind. True zen is experienced and enlightenment is obtained only through diligent discipline and practice. Fortunately, a couple hits of Zen OG will put you into the ultimate zen state within minutes.

Part of the reason that Zen OG is such a reliable strain for relaxation is because it is a balanced hybrid, offering an equal ratio of THC and CBD. While balance and peace are essential to reaching a state of zen, so too are these two cannabinoids. Although the strain’s parentage wasn’t revealed, it is clear by its name that OG strains had part in creating this wonderful bud.

Zen OG arrived at the CULTURE office as tight, compact, medium-sized green buds that were expertly manicured and covered in glistening trichomes. These fresh little beauties were paired with earthy and spicy pine aromas—to say that these attributes help relax even the most stressed out person is an understatement.

A single dose of Zen OG and you’ll feel both inner peace as well as mind expanding and body stimulating effects. Further enjoyment can be gained from this strain if you partake with friends in both small or large groups. As a result, you may even erupt with laughter and insight from the most mundane situations.