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Zen OG





Available at Zen No Ho Collective in North Hollywood.

Zen can be thought of as a state of mind that sharpens focus and incorporates a togetherness of body and mind. Never mind hours of mediation to reach zen, a couple hits of Zen OG from the Zen No Ho Collective in North Hollywood will put you into the ultimate zen state within minutes. With tight, compact, medium-sized green buds producing a spicy pine aroma, the expertly manicured buds of Zen OG are covered in glistening trichomes. Expect rapid absorption with mind expanding and body stimulating effects. Like most OG strains, Zen OG is a mind stimulator and can provide introspection and inner calm if that is what you are seeking. It is definitely the herb to share with friends in small or large groups. A great strain for light heartedness, Zen OG evokes laughter and insight from the most mundane situations.

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