• Strain of the Week: Jahgoo

    At first when introduced to a strain named Jahgoo, we weren’t sure what to think. The name doesn’t immediately tell us anything about its flavors or heritage. More often than not, cannabis

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  • Strain of the Week: Golden Maui

    There are many beautiful things in this world, and sunrises/sunsets are one of them. From the richest person to the poorest, and no matter your location, we’re all fortunate to be able to witness

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  • Strain of the Week: White Buffalo

    In Native American culture, buffalo are considered to be sacred symbols of renewal and life. There’s an old tale that is told by Native American tribes such as the Sioux, Cherokee, Navaho, Lakota

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  • Strain of the Week: Gelato 41

    In the world of frozen treats, few come close to the creamy delicious texture and flavor of Italian ice cream, also known as gelato. Forget frozen yogurt, sorbet or store-bought Häagen-Dazs. Gelato

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