• Concentrate of the Week: Cannabis Cowboy

    Last week, Red Dead Redemption 2 released on PC. Made by Rockstar Games, who are also the geniuses behind the Grand Theft Auto games, Red Dead Redemption 2 is as close to being a cowboy as most

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  • Strain of the Week: Chemsis Glue

    What do chemicals, sisters and glue probably have in common? A strain called Chemsis Glue, of course. Although the name is a bit strange (but by far not the strangest one that has appeared on

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  • Concentrate of the Week: Agent Orange Sap

    Agent Orange is a common name for strains and concentrates because it connects potency to the chemical of the same name, which was used as a tactical herbicide in the 1960s during the Vietnam War.

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  • Strain of the Week: Gifted OG

    Halloween is over, and now we must reluctantly store our spooky decorations and replace with decorations of fall leaves, turkeys and most importantly, gratitude. There is nothing more wholesome than

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  • Strain of the Week: Hello Kitty Kush

    Many adults look forward to Halloween because of scary movies, terrifying haunted houses and the opportunities to dress up like their favorite villains or dark, twisted film antagonists. But there is

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  • Strain of the Week: Blissful Wizard

    The whole theme of modern Halloween is to become who you want to be, or to pretend to be someone else. For many, the spooky elements of Halloween lead to costume ideas inspired by traditional

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