• Concentrate of the Week: Blurple Shatter

    Do you ever get that feeling that a regular word sounds weird? That you’ve listened to it and understood what it meant your whole life, but somehow become hyper aware that it sounds like nonsense?

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  • Strain of the Week: Lavender Goo

    Some strain names are serious and others are comical, but when it comes down to it, the cultivator is the one who usually chooses a name for a specific strain. Feeling inspired by a cannabis

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  • Concentrate of the Week: OG Jack Clear

    Jack is a popular name. Ever since the turn of the 20th century, Jack has remained a strong contender for soon-to-be parents (in 1929 it was ranked #14 most popular). Rankings have fluctuated over

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  • Strain of the Week: Omega

    For those who believe in God and have previously studied the Bible, the phrase “Alpha and Omega” may sound familiar. The verse in Revelations describes God as almighty, “the Alpha and Omega,

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  • Strain of the Week: Super Silver Haze

    Super. Silver. Haze. Three words, and three hints at what you’ll experience when trying this strain. The “super” portion is pretty obvious—it’s a high quality strain with proper potency

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