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Strain of the Week: Super Silver Haze




Super. Silver. Haze. Three words, and three hints at what you’ll experience when trying this strain. The “super” portion is pretty obvious—it’s a high quality strain with proper potency that packs a punch. The second word, “silver” has multiple meanings. First, the strain is covered with shiny silver trichomes. Second, you can expect some fast-acting properties as well (think Silver Surfer fast). And finally the “haze,” hinting at its Haze lineage. Together, these words create a superhero strain name worthy of mentioning.

Super Silver Haze is said to be a cross of Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze. Skunk, or Skunk #1, is a hybrid strain that’s given birth to a variety of other popular strains. It’s well-known for its ability to increase energy and boost moods. Northern Lights, on the other hand, is a reliable indica, praised for its properties to help treat conditions like depression and anxiety. Haze is a pure sativa that produces similar results to Skunk, but with even more potency behind it. As a result of careful crossbreeding, Super Silver Haze has become a staple in many consumer’s collections.

Let’s be honest; Most strains look similar. There are subtle nuances such as hair length, appearance of trichomes, size, texture, etc.—but every once in a while a strain comes through our door that truly stands out. Our particular sample of Super Silver Haze is covered with long, red-orange hairs from top to bottom. Symbolically and physically this strain is on fire in the best way.

The traditional scent of fruit and earth pervaded our reviewer’s senses as they inspected this strain, but this sativa-hybrid’s properties are where it truly stands out. It offers treatment for many medical conditions, such as chronic pain, appetite loss, nausea and so much more. It’s just one of those strains that you should always have on hand, whether you’re feeling under the weather or you just need an energetic pick-me-up!