Concentrate of the Week: NYC Sour Diesel Shatter

In the cannabis community, we hear a lot of news about quality cannabis in legal states like California or Colorado—most of which are pretty much located in the westernmost part of the country. Aside from Michigan out on its own, the eastern side of the U.S. only has Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Washington D.C. to lean on for recreational cannabis consumption. But it’s hard to argue that out of all of these states, New York is the one we expect to do well whenever it eventually legalizes recreational consumption. Nothing tops off a visit to one of the most fascinating states in the country than with the history and inspiration of the American Dream—and this is what NYC Sour Diesel Shatter brings to the table.

The stereotypical American Dream is about being a go-getter and a citizen of a country you want to work to support. With that motivation in mind, a potent sativa strain is a great way to start.

NYC Sour Diesel Shatter is a sativa-dominant product, and is said to be a cross between Mexican and Afghani landrace strains. According to Leafly, it actually won five High Times Cannabis Cup trophies back in the early 2000s. The traditional Sour Diesel flavor is earthy and piney, with slight hints of fruit and citrus.

CULTURE’s review sample was crafted by Dynasty Extracts, and clocked in at 86.19 percent THC. It was a beautiful little golden wafer of “concrete essential oils,” as Dynasty utilized high-quality terpene-rich cannabis flower to add flavor and depths.

The tiniest of dabs or your handy dandy vape pen will unlock this glorious shatter with a clean and ultra-light aroma. While extremely potent and not for beginners, medical cannabis patients will find that this is a great aid in treating chronic pain and muscle spasms, and is also reliable for boosting energy and mood as well.


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