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Strain of the Week: Purple Urkle



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]C[/dropcap]olor your world with the sublime hues, aroma and flavor of Purple Urkle. Both sweet and savory, this indica presents a hard-to-place flavor unlike any other strain. As soon as you crack open a jar, it floods the room with an unmaskable odor.

Purple Urkle was born in the Emerald Triangle in sunny California dating all the way back to 1989. Out of all the phenotypes of the legendary Mendocino Purps strain—one stood out. It reeked of skunk, yet produced a unique grapey yet savory flavor that would appease just about any cannasseur. Locally, it remained on the menu throughout Northern California collectives into the mid-1990s. At the time, Family Matters was one of the most popular sitcoms on television, and one the most popular characters was the annoying but loveable Steve Urkel. Little is known about why this name was chosen.

With the powerful indica-dominant traits, you’ll be saying “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” in no time, and when you’ve eaten all the food in your refrigerator, you’ll say “Did I do that?” Don’t underestimate the power of the munchies, especially with this strain.

Obviously, the strain is usually purple, but it is also frequently lime green, and is enveloped in bright orange hairs. When it’s grown right, it is so sticky that you could adhere a nugget on the wall. It’s best for consumption in private areas, as its giveaway scent will alert any bystanders and its milky smoke will set off just about any smoke detector.

As with all Purps-related strains, consumers report that it is ideal for relaxation and for combating insomnia. The flavor resembles something akin to a steaming hot biscuit with a glass of grape juice. If you can get your hands on this strain, take advantage, because it is moderately difficult to grow, and cultivators prefer easier strains.

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