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Strain of the Week: 1969 Maui Wowie



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]F[/dropcap]ew strains have a better backstory than 1969 Maui Wowie. While the Vietnam War was raging on, hippie smugglers developed some of the strongest strains known to man during the 1960s and beyond.

With multiple shades of green, ranging from lime to emerald, and a plethora of thick orange hairs covered in trichomes, 1969 Maui Wowie is a classic sativa strain that has a heavy citrus and tropical aroma. Its flavor is delightfully citrusy, tasting of pineapple, lemon and just a hint of sweet mango. 1969 Maui Wowie delivered a truly poetic balance of tropical flavors! The hit is clean and smooth, and it has an uplifting cerebral effect. It is mentally and spiritually uplifting, making it a great addition to a day at the beach.

1969 Maui Wowie stands out as an early contender for the best sativa strain around. It’s one of the most creative and euphoric strains, and yes, the name indicates that it’s been around since at least 1969.

As the story goes, in late 1969, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, a convent of hippie smugglers, bought a 70-foot wooden yacht named “Aafje” in order to smuggle the biggest load yet of Afghan hash. While the brotherhood originated in Orange County, California, they had operations everywhere from Hawaii to Mexico and Afghanistan. But first they needed money to purchase thousands of pounds of hash. Living in Maui, the faction of brotherhood members sold Mexican “primo” cannabis called Lightning Bolt, named after its crooked colas. This was how they planned on making money. Meanwhile, Maui residents planted seeds they obtained, and the seeds developed into a stable strain called Kula Crippler.

Maui Wowie was bred in 1969 as a cross between Kula Crippler and Lightning Bolt. Maui’s practically perfect weather allowed growers to cultivate cannabis year-round, so long as they grew mold-resistant strains. Don’t miss out on this incredible strain!

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