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Strain of the Week: Lamb’s Bread Sour Diesel



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]M[/dropcap]ost cannabis strain names contain one or two words. This usually refers to a flavor inspiration, or a combined name of parent plants that were crossed to create something entirely new. “Lamb’s Bread Sour Diesel” may not be the most creative strain name in the bunch, but it’s lineage is crystal clear.

Lamb’s Bread is a potent sativa strain that provides consumers with an excess amount of energy to use in order to get through the day. Its name suggests religious connotations, and it is believed to have originated from Jamaica. Some even say that Bob Marley even consumed this strain at some point. Sour Diesel is equally popular and well-known, offering sativa properties with a pungent, gas-like scent. Both of these strains are heavily used by medical cannabis patients to target symptoms of stress, chronic pain and depression. So when combined, the superhero-like powers of Lamb’s Bread Sour Diesel (LBSD) is a force to be reckoned with.

By and large, LBSD nugs are often covered in dense green leaves that are covered with sticky trichomes. Once you break open the exterior, the powerful smell of pine and earth, along with floral undertones, quickly fills the room.

Of course the scent is one thing, but the effects are entirely different. That true-to-form diesel flavor adds an element of “pure joy” to CULTURE reviewers who tried this strain. Near-heavenly in consumption, LBSD is arguably one of the best sativa strains on the planet. It brings such useful, long-lasting energy in all consumers who try it, leaving them focused and often enough, feeling very creative too. In fact, reviewers noted that this strain is a must-have when seeking out a creative journey to embark upon. Painting, creating music, or even organizing your to-do list become a breeze.

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