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Purple Urkle



Available at Buddy’s Cannabis in San Jose.

Once again, Buddy’s Cannabis pulls through with another exceptional strain, and this one in particular is bursting with vibrant color. Equally orange and purple, there is almost little green to be seen underneath the thick coating of crystals. Earthy and piney aromas linger with small hints of a fruity scent on top of a primarily skunky odor. The taste is neither sweet nor bitter but a delicate blend between the two, and each breath yields a smooth and thick cloud of smoke. The flowers are all perfectly dried, cured and trimmed. A great choice for inspiring creativity and allowing consumers to focus, Purple Urkle is an awesome strain to pair with a good book or a nice adult coloring session. Buddy’s Cannabis is a personal favorite grower of ours and will continue to impress fanatics all throughout California.

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