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Strain of the Week: Pie Face OG




Ever heard that phrase “you are what you eat?” Now that Thanksgiving is less than a week away, most people in the U.S. will definitely be “made” of pie—the classic fattening feature food of holiday. Unlike turkey, which is traditionally only cooked a few different ways, pie is versatile. Pie can be sweet, or even savory, and can employ the textures and flavors of most fruits and nuts. Apple, lemon meringue, berry, pumpkin, pecan, chocolate, rhubarb—they’re all beautiful and delicious. Which, by laws of the aforementioned phrase, you are beautiful too! And we’re all going to have a face full of pie in a week’s time. Top it off with a bit of Pie Face OG to really settle into the holiday spirit.

Most cannabis flowers have similar appearances, but CULTURE reviewers believe Pie Face OG is one of the most beautiful flowers they had ever witnessed, with its extra-frosty exterior and bright orange pistils. A strain like this one could double as a bouquet of flowers.

Genetically, this hybrid gains its unique effects from parents Cherry Pie and Face Off OG. Maintaining a steady indica profile fits perfectly with the ideal post-Thanksgiving feast (or post-dessert) feeling of needing a nap as well. Pie Face OG offers a satisfying flavor profile that merges tart, sweet and cheesy all in one. Like chocolate pretzels, Pie Face OG is a heavenly balance between sweet and salty.

Reviewers tried this fantastic sample with a water pipe and vaporizers, and found that the flavor was nice and subtle, producing at first a tart sweetness, followed by the cheesy, almost skunky tastes. Trying a strain like this on Thanksgiving is the ultimate tension relaxer, as it is often used to settle the mind and body after a few tense conversations with crazy relatives. It still retains some of its sativa heritage as well though, which makes it perfect for daytime use.