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Concentrate of the Week: Super Lemon OG Live Resin




If you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year then you know the stress that comes with this holiday. While people begin to arrive at your home on Thanksgiving day, bringing a mere crockpot full of baked beans with them, you’re about to fall asleep due to early morning turkey cooking and pie baking. What’s more, you’re under intense pressure to present a clean house for your guests, making it spic and span. Motivation to clean is hard to come by, especially when you feel like you have to but don’t want to. But we’re sure that with a little bit of lemon-scented cleaning supplies, and a dose or two Super Lemon OG Live Resin, you won’t be able to make your house the cleanest it’s ever been.

According to CULTURE reviewers, Super Lemon OG Live Resin is one of the lightest shatters they have ever witnessed. Which is ironic, given that its light weight pairs well with the lightness you experience after consuming a sativa hybrid like this one. The origin of Super Lemon OG isn’t easy to track. Some believe that it is a cross between strains such as Super Lemon Haze and Captain Krypt OG. What is known however is that Super Lemon OG contains a very potent terpene profile filled with spicy lemon scents, which makes this strain an excellent candidate for concentrates.

Most live resin concentrates are amber or dark yellow in color, but Super Lemon OG Live Resin looks clean. It sports a hard, but nearly translucent look. This, paired with impeccable flavor, makes it a concentrate that nobody should miss.

Live resins usually involved buds that are fresh frozen and extracted, rather than dried and cured, which sacrifices terpenes and other important oils. But Super Lemon OG Live Resin was crafted beautifully, and was likely made with fresh, pristine, indoor grown cannabis. Thanks to this method of extraction and quality bud, a wonderful concentrate was born. And thanks to this lemony product, you’ll be pumped and ready to clean your house quickly.