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Pie Face OG




Available at Washington Herbal Remedies in Lynnwood.

Strains like Pie Face OG remind us of why we refer to cannabis as flowers. These gorgeous buds can be described as nothing short of floral. Colorful and dense yet leafy, Pie Face OG transforms from light to dark-green, to snow white and icy with crystals, and back to green. Prominent and long light red-orange hairs protrude frequently all over the flower. The fragrance is tart, sweet and cheesy, giving it extra allure by meeting all the marks, like a sweet and salty snack. We used a water pipe and a vaporizer for this flower. The flavor was subtle, with the tart sweetness coming through, but the cheesiness was replaced by a mild and enjoyable skunk taste. The effects of Pie Face OG are optimal. This is a hybrid at its best, with the fun and joyfulness of a sativa, and the exceptional tension-reducing abilities of an indica. Though not quite a full-blown sativa in terms of daytime usability, Pie Face OG certainly has a larger variety of appropriate uses than many straight indicas and hybrids.

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