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Cherry Pie




Available at Valley Health Options in Sacramento.

There’s a song out there that talks about cherry pie and how it “tastes so good, make a grown man cry,” and we believe that song must have been written about these flowers from Valley Health Options. Sweet, scrumptious and creamy, this strain tastes just like a slice of grandma’s cherry pie with a dollop of whip cream on top. The taste lingers for much longer than other strains, and consumers will find themselves enjoying this flavor for a few extra minutes after inhaling. Although, the taste is very sweet, the scent can be a little more pungent and similar to that of the stereotypical OG smell with just a hint of real cherry. The bud structure is almost entirely made of purple shades with orange hairs weaving all throughout and only a few areas of green hues. Moist and crispy, the Cherry Pie flower is a prime texture for those who enjoy rolling their cannabis.

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