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Strain of the Week: Grape Stomper



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]W[/dropcap]hen anyone refers to “grape” as a flavor, what comes to mind? Various purple-colored foods such as eggplants, figs and red cabbage, or less healthy items like Jolly Ranchers, soda and cake pastries come to mind. But nothing beats the natural flavor of an actual grape (which ironically does not taste the same in comparison to the aforementioned flavors list above). While probably a nod to the process of “stomping” on fermented grapes to make wine, a cannabis strain by the name of Grape Stomper means something a little different. It offers the sweet flavor of grapes that is combined with the “stomping” effect of a strong sativa.

The first word that reviewers used to describe this strain is “gorilla-sized nugs,” alluding to its power, followed by “beefy.” With these descriptors in mind, it’s no wonder that Grape Stomper has raving reviews. It’s said that the strain was born of a cross between Purple Elephant and Chemdawg Sour Diesel, which barely scratches the surface in describing the benefits of consuming Grape Stomper.

First and foremost, this strain contains many purple hairs and calyxes within its tightly packed body. Intermittent orange hairs also jut out randomly amidst the exterior of this ultra-dense bud. And not surprisingly, this strain smells of that quintessential grape taste mixed with fruit. It’s not like other strains, which contain less sweet flavors of diesel or skunk. Reviewers noted that these dense flowers are best enjoyed in rolled form.

But the wonders of Grape Stomper are in its effects, which are potent and highly sought after. This top-notch sedative will relieve many patients of all sorts of pain, but is still recommended for daytime us in order to continue living their lives. How could anyone say no to such a sweet pick-me-up?

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