Grape Stomper Available at: First Hemp Bank in Oakland.

Hairy, colorful and gorilla-sized nugs are the focal point of this awesome strain. The Grape Stomper available at First Hemp Bank in Oakland is a beefy bud covered with a coat of thick orange hairs tucked in extremely dense purple calyxes. One of the denser varieties we’ve had the opportunity to sample, each nugget is like a kernel of popcorn; an unbelievable amount of bud is tightly wound up in a small package. The powerful and quintessential grape aroma is present in this strain, and its scent is quite pleasurable to the nose. Blessed with a surreal fruity flavor, this flower is best enjoyed in rolled form, so consumers can enjoy and simmer on the idyllic taste. Proceed with caution when using this strain during the daytime, as it is known for its top-notch sedative and pain-relieving effects.

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