Strain of the Week: Crown OG

Looking back at the annals of history, royalty always seems to get the best stuff. And by stuff, we mean everything from vibrantly colored clothing (colors were a luxury back in the day), lavish feasts and probably a lack of taxes to pay. But we can bet that one thing royalty didn’t have access to were strains like Crown OG. Royal families in well-to-do kingdoms, as far as we know, likely did not cultivate cannabis on a large scale (with the exception of growing hemp for a variety of uses). But rest assured that any consumer will certainly be receiving the royal treatment when consuming a strain like Crown OG.

True to its name, Crown OG has all of the best qualities of a true OG strain. Its exterior is caked in a beautiful green leaves that are almost fluffy in texture. Of course, it all had a frosty white appearance thanks to the multitude of trichomes causing the bud to glitter. A single whiff of this beauty reveals an extra-potent earthy and pine-like scent. However, upon tasting this enigma, the true flavors were revealed. Zesty lemon and an undertone of pine needles pervaded our senses, which not only soothed but brought on some magnificent effects to boot.

A single dose of Crown OG invited a rapidly descending effect that relaxed the body. Since this particular strain is indica-dominant, but has a competitive amount of sativa as well, its effects are strong but not completely couch-locking. These properties are best utilized after a long day of work, or a chill day at home on the weekend. Medical patients have found this strain may be helpful in treating conditions such as severe pain relief or insomnia, as the high THC content provided ample relaxation.

It’s also important to note that Crown OG won the 2015 High Times Denver Cannabis Cup in the indica category. So if you’re looking both for a strain that has the genetics you’re looking for, and one that’s also been highly recommended by seasoned consumers, then Crown OG is the way to go.

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