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Concentrate of the Week: Agent Orange Sap




Agent Orange is a common name for strains and concentrates because it connects potency to the chemical of the same name, which was used as a tactical herbicide in the 1960s during the Vietnam War. Back then, the name Agent Orange was derived from the colored bands that were painted on the exterior of storage containers which housed the chemical (other “agents” include white, purple, blue, pink and green). Agent Orange had devastating effects in areas where it was used in Vietnam, not to mention the side effects of U.S. veterans who were exposed to the substance while on duty. However, in this case, a concentrate named Agent Orange has little in common with that which it was named for.

This week we’re examining Agent Orange Sap, a high-quality concentrate that is praised for its unique properties. First and foremost, the closest relation between Agent Orange and Agent Orange Sap is the mention of flavor. Agent Orange Sap contains copious amounts of citrus terpenes both in the source flower as well as in its final, concentrated form. Full of prominent limonene terpenes, it is a near-instant eye-opener in terms of energy and alertness.

Agent Orange Sap was created by the talents of one breeding company who crossed Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper, leading to the culmination of this zesty product. Through solvent extraction, the Agent Orange strain became an incredibly fine sap, which is sticky and has ample stretching capabilities, making it great for dabs.

Agent Orange Sap is a high-THC, high-flavor concentrate with the potency to match. Newer consumers should seek other cannabis products, but veterans will likely get a lot of satisfaction out of this sweet product. Ultimately consumers can expect extreme heady effects that will last for hours. As a strong sativa, Agent Orange Sap is highly useful when there is work to be done or energy needed to stay productive and awake throughout the day.