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Strain of the Week: Gifted OG



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]H[/dropcap]alloween is over, and now we must reluctantly store our spooky decorations and replace with decorations of fall leaves, turkeys and most importantly, gratitude. There is nothing more wholesome than spending time with your loved ones (whether they be family or friends). Once Thanksgiving hits, the U.S. begins to put aside its differences (for the most part) to be thankful for what and who them have around them. If you’re in the mood for some pure happiness, and maybe a few #blessed posts on Instagram, then Gifted OG might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Reviewers believe that trying out a sample of Gifted OG was one of the best gifts they had received in a long time. Some of the best things are a surprise, and come out of nowhere, which is also the case for this neat little strain. There was no information about its lineage, but reviewers detected a few hints as to where it might have come from. Mainly through thorough inspection of its exterior did we come to believe that this thick, orange-haired nug might stem from an OG Kush plant. It’s scent further backed up this assumption while reviewers enjoyed its woody, piney and black pepper aroma. In fact, they referred to this as a “wonderful terpene forest.”

No matter where it comes from, one truth about Gifted OG is guaranteed—its properties are extremely strong, even for seasoned consumers. The method of choice was to smoke Gifted OG in a glass water pipe or roll it into a classic joint. At first, feelings of energy began to seep through CULTURE reviewers, allowing them to further be motivated to be productive and get their muscles moving. Whether you’re giving this as a gift to someone or treating yourself to a boost of motivation and creativity, be sure to be grateful of the gifts you receive this season.

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