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Agent Orange Sap





Available at The Green Door in San Francisco.

Another scarily named, yet really high-quality product—Agent Orange Sap refers to the copious amounts of citrus terpenes both in the source flower, and this resulting hash from California Extracts. Carried at The Green Door, patients are demanding more and more of these high-THC, high-flavor, no-smoke formulations. Just one tiny dab of Agent Orange Sap is equal to an entire bowl of flowers or a joint, thus helping patients save their lungs. The source strain Agent Orange comes from the breeding company TGA Genetics and their biggest star Subcool, and is an intensely hybridized cross between Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper. California Extracts subjected the flower to solvent extraction, yielding this incredibly fine sap, which is sticky and stretches, making it great for dabs, but tricky elsewhere. Expect extreme, heady sativa effects that last for hours.

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