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Strain of the Week: Chemsis Glue




What do chemicals, sisters and glue probably have in common? A strain called Chemsis Glue, of course. Although the name is a bit strange (but by far not the strangest one that has appeared on CULTURE reviewer’s desks), it does provide some useful hints about this curious strain’s background. “Chemsis” or “Chem’s Sis,” according to some, is more than likely a direct line with Chemdawg, made famous for its fluffy texture and unique medical properties. The “Glue” portion is an obvious nod to Gorilla Glue and its many variations. However you want to embrace this strain and it’s heritage, one thing is for sure—everyone will love it.

One of the first words that reviewers used to describe Chemsis Glue was in reference to its exterior, calling it a “cornucopia” in shape. It’s cone-like form was dense and extremely sticky and fluffy—meaning it was packed with some potent power, thanks to the hybrid strain’s estimated 24.9 percent THC. We’ll get into the details later, but ultimately it’s a great strain to rely on for post-work or end-of-day shenanigans.

Like wine, it’s a part of the cannabis consumption experience to first start by analyzing the aroma of your bud. A whiff of this beauty will reveal a surprising amount of floral tones, followed by a slight sour skunk note. Once you taste it, you’ll find a near-identical flavor profile as well. Aromatically, it’s pleasant but also familiar, and some consumers might detect remnants of this strain’s parents, a la Chemdawg and Gorilla Glue.

Upon inhalation, Chemsis Glue’s effects travel from your head down throughout your body, spreading powerful feelings of relaxation. Ideally, this strain will be most useful for patients seeking to alleviate medical symptoms, but recreational consumers will find relief with it as well. Either way, both parties will be able to embrace the soothing feelings brought on by Chemsis Glue.

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