Strain of the Week: White Buffalo

In Native American culture, buffalo are considered to be sacred symbols of renewal and life. There’s an old tale that is told by Native American tribes such as the Sioux, Cherokee, Navaho, Lakota and Dakota. Two Native American men, either scouts or warriors according to various tales, found a beautiful woman. One young man, filled with lust, approached her and was killed. The other approached her reverently, and she told him to tell his people she had arrived. The woman brought a peace pipe and taught the people “seven sacred ways to pray.” Before the woman left, she told the people she would return again to “restore harmony and spirituality”—and she turned into a white buffalo calf, and departed. In modern times, the birth of a white buffalo calf is a sacred sign of life beginning anew. A strain named White Buffalo embraces this ancient story, and may help consumers understand and appreciate the cycle of life.

CULTURE reviewers got their hands on a White Buffalo strain, and found that it was an 80 percent pure sativa that stems from Romulan X. The famous Star Trek-referenced strain is a well-known indica that is said to still retain some strong but sneaky sativa effects. It’s indica effects are potent and intoxicating, but somehow it can still allow consumers to stay awake and alert.

Although the cross strain is unknown, White Buffalo flowers contain heavy amounts of frosty white trichomes, which lend proof to its name. It also offers an equal landscape of medium-green, dense buds that reminded our reviewers of Kush or other Romulan strains. A quick trip to the grinder yielded a mild but sweet aroma that had a hint of earthiness to it.

White Buffalo is a sativa strain that produces a sweet and smooth smoke upon consumption. Despite its indica roots, this strain is highly praised for its ability to bring on creative thoughts, create energy and increase appetite. Many who suffer from conditions such as anxiety or depression have found solace in this strain. Especially cancer patients who are looking to gain weight via the munchies.


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