White Buffalo


Available at Caliva in San Jose.

San Jose’s Caliva has a rare creature indeed—the mythic White Buffalo, a potent sweet allegedly 80 percent sativa from King Klone Genetics. True to its name, White Buffalo is very frosty, testing at 19.57 percent THC according to SC Labs. Our sample was grown indoors in organic soil, and these growers nailed it. King Klone lists its genetics as Romulan X (Bay 11 x Blackberry Kush) and our White Buffalo had a frosty, uniformly medium-green color and came in these dense, angular, spear-heads very reminiscent of Kush and Romulan. It was very dense and surrendered to a grinder only grudgingly, releasing a very mild, sweet aroma. White Buffalo smokes medium-bodied, sweet, smooth, well-cured and well-flushed. Despite the indica roots and look, it definitely has a sativa effect, and patients are using the sativa hybrid strain for creativity, energy and appetite.

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