Concentrate of the Week: Purple Primus OG Solventless Hash Oil

The late 1980s era of rock produced countless bands that will be known throughout the rest of time—and Primus is one of them. Having performed music since 1984, this typical up-and-coming band from El Sobrante, California quickly rose to great heights. Primus is actually Latin for “the first” or “the best,” which stands true to the band’s rise among more traditional rock groups of the era. The group’s experimental metal approach to rock and roll has yielded nine studio albums and over 20 tours through the years. And thus, the band’s success inspired cannabis products. This week we’re taking a look at Purple Primus OG.

CULTURE reviewers claim that Les Claypool, longtime member of Primus, is one of the world’s best bassists of all time. So that title is where Purple Primus OG Solventless Hash Oil was placed as well. This solventless masterpiece was created using rosin technology. The parents of Primus OG, according to Leafly, are Arcata, Trainwreck and 303 OG, which created a terpene rich indica-dominant strain that is a great product to get your hands on. Reviewers also noted that there is a possible mixture of Twister Purple OG that was used to craft this unique product as well.

In concentrate form, this little square contains a potent scent of sugar and sweetness on the first dab. Effects began in the head initially, but then followed through with a slow crawling relaxation throughout the body, almost as if sound was moving through you, touching each and every muscle and temporarily removing tension and pain. Purple Primus OG a lovely, potent concentrate that’s perfect for anyone looking to wind down after a long day, or relax prior to stressful engagements such as work presentations, graduate exams, or sometimes family gatherings. And when it comes to being one of “the first” or “the best” concentrate around, we’d say that’s a pretty accurate term. Rock on!

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