Strain of the Week: University OG

It’s that time of year again—students will soon be hitting the books back at school. In Southern California at least, the school season begins in mid-August, leaving students of all ages saddened (and parents of all ages delighted). When you’re a kid going through the K-12 grind, school becomes a chore. But once you reach university, things get a little more interesting. The classes you choose can be fascinating and more relevant to your life than a typical math or English class. Not to mention that many universities are embracing cannabis research as well, which is very exciting (although consumption is still limited to those who are of age). Whether you’re entering the next chapter of your life at an university, or you want to relive your glory days, try some University OG.

The first thing our reviewers note is that you don’t need a college degree to know that University OG is the real deal. It’s said to have been cultivated exclusively by Cannabis University back in the day, but with no hints as to what it’s actual parentage is. The only slight bit of information lies in the name, and with “OG” it can be assumed that it may take qualities from other traditional indica-based OG flowers.

Just like the sweet scent of a recently landscaped college campus, University OG also emits a fresh pine scent with an earthy aftertaste. It’s said that the strain sample was harvested at the “peak of ripeness,” allowing consumers to truly enjoy nature as it was intended.

When the time came to give this sample a try, reviewers found that it burned smoothly upon the inhale, and brought on mild to moderate head effects. It also produced some strong feelings in the cerebral cortex, which was followed by intense body stimulation. Reviewers found that this flower is perfect for communal experiences such as parties, meetings or group meditations. At the very least, it’s the perfect way to wind down after a stressful week of studying.

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