Concentrate of the Week: Zeus Extracts’ Lemon OG Crumble

In the realm of gods, Zeus is the ultimate being of power. God of sky, lightning and thunder, and being the son of two titans, Zeus is able to rule over all other gods on Mount Olympus. He’s the epitome of strength and power, and his identity and likeness has long been used to represent such characteristics. One company called Zeus Extracts chose Zeus to be part of its brand identity, and with that inspiration it created a potent Lemon OG Crumble that you’ll never forget.

Zeus Extracts’ techniques were described as exemplary when considering the quality of this concentrate product. Lemon OG strains are said to be an original cross between Las Vegas Lemon Skunk (referred to as “mythical” by Leafly) and The OG #18. The former lies on the sativa-dominant spectrum, offering fresh lemon flavors that will instantly wake any consumer up almost instantly. The latter is a balanced hybrid that has been useful in treating depression and lifting the spirit. If this cross is to be believed, it leaves the properties of Lemon OG to be highly desired.

It isn’t a surprise that a very citrusy lemon scent can instantly be detected on this strain (the limonene terpenes are off the charts!) especially once the concentrate has been heated on a nail. Surprisingly though, there is also a slight scent of menthol and basil as well.

The hit is expansive and the concentrate’s effects immediately begin to rush to the head. This probably won’t affect veteran consumers, but those who are newer to concentrates should proceed with caution. Lemon OG Crumble offers a wealth of psychoactive properties that assist in providing intense energy and helping those who suffer from depression, or seek out appetite-stimulants. Reviewers noted that their minds were clear once Lemon OG Crumble took effect, allowing them to see the world with “intensely bright colors” and a feeling of abundant energy.

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